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Dazzling & Modern Bedroom Curtains Benoni


Best Bedroom Curtains Benoni

Your Cozzy and peaceful bedroom! A place of peace and comfort..

Blocking out the light, keeping your bedroom warm and offering privacy the main objectives for your curtains and blinds. 

Interior decorators will  tell you that curtains can really make a bedroom, but only if you choose. it carefully.

So what do you look for when deciding to go for for bedroom curtains? Read on to discover the best types and designs for your Bedroom.

bedroom curtains benoni

4 Things to Consider – Bedroom Curtains Benoni

#1 - The Pattern

#1 - The Pattern

Choose a pattern that goes with the View.

When you decide on the perfect colour/Pattern for your new bedroom curtains, take into account the other décor that makes up your room.

Your room should have just ONE center of attraction.

So if your bedroom has lots of bold colours, keep your curtains on the concervitive side.

If your room is on the conservative side, feel free to go more bold and attractive with your selection of curtains!

Designs (Many more):

#2 - The Type of Fabric

#2 - The Type of Fabric

Of all the Fabric types to choose from, it best to go for linen curtains for a more relaxed look.

Medium-weight linen curtains are perfect for creating a relaxed look.  Curtains that drop all the way to the floor can add another layer of texture in your modern bedroom. However, they are quite sheer so it is worth investing in a blackout blind to hang behind them, to make sure you still get that good night’s sleep.

eyelet curtains

#3 - Colour

Go for soothing and peaceful
colours such blue, green, or pink for your bedroom.

The Colour of your Curtains and Blinds can match your walls if you wish.

#4 - The Heading Type

#4 - The Heading Type

Wave, Eyelets and Pinch works very well as they let your curtains fall perfectly inline to create a classy wave look and cozy feel. 

1 – Wave Fold Curtains are sure to add  elegance and a contemporary feel. 

Tailor made to suit any window or style, this style is curtain is created with special fabric ‘wave’ folds that have got its name.

If you’re looking to make a statement for your living space than Sensational Interiors will Installing a Wave curtain track system that will create just the effect.  Wave style curtains creates a more modern look for your living space and moves away from your traditionally looking curtain style of the past.

The of a Wave style curtain is designed in such a way as to  create a flowing effect in the fabric of your curtain. A wave glider-cord along with a specially designed heading tape is used in this unique system –  allowing the fabric to create that amazing Wave look. 

Unlike regular curtains, some fabrics wont work so well with wave style curtains. The reason is because your choice of fabric HAS to drape well to create that wave effect. Stiff fabrics aren’t a good option.

2 – Eyelet curtain headings have  become a popular option in homes across South Africa because they create a modern finish and are easy to hang.

Looking for a contemporary look and an easy to maintain option?

Eyelet style is best used in your living room rather than your bedrooms since they do allow more light to enter a room than a tight pleat.

With a wide variety to select from in terms of designs, colour and fabrics, there is definitely something to suite your taste and inner décor. 

Another reason why Eyelet curtains are a popular choice is because they are practical and are easy to hang up if you choose to do it yourself. The eyelets curtains will fit straight through your curtain rod. If you already have a curtain rod in place, it may be easier just to measure this directly (if you choose the DIY route). Lastly, you may want to decide how far down you want your eyelet curtains to drop down? In other words, do you want it to sit on the window sill or below it? Or do you want them to drop all the way to the ground? The objective of the drop will determine the LOOK you are looking for. Lastly, a great looking curtain rod can do wonders to the overall finish of you eyelet curtains. At SensationalInteriors, we have a wide selection of great looking rods that are sure to add that finishing touch. 

3 –  Pinch Pleat Curtain – If you’re looking for curtains that hang beautifully than you wont go wrong with Pinch Pleat Curtains. They are simply Gorgeous and they add a decorative style to your bedroom.

They are best suited for formal and elegant spaces but they can also be adapted for the more casual living space. They offer a unique and crisp finish that will give your bedroom space a warm and rich feel.

Pinch pleat curtains are folded in a unique way. This allows you to select a pattern that will enhance its effect to suit your décor.

With a wide variety to select from in terms of designs, colour and fabrics, there is definitely something to suite your taste and inner décor.

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Best Blinds for Your Bedroom

#1 - Wooden Blinds

Bring the warmth of the outside, Inside your bedroom with a set of pure Wooden Blinds.

Ideal to regulate the temperature and give your room a modern touch. 

#2 - Roller Blinds

A Great option for privacy, keeping your room warm and Blocking out the sun, these blinds ticks all boxes.

Great for days you decide to sleep in.. 

#3 - Venetian Blinds

With a host of colours to choose from as well as being super durable and easy to maintain, these are an affordable option and provides a neat finish.  

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