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Custom Curtains and Blinds in Edenvale

3 Reasons to Go with Us for Your next Exclusive Curtains and Blinds In Edenvale

A design to match ANY Taste

Only the finest Curtains and Blinds in Edenvale for your Home.

Exclusive Selection

Stand out in style with modern 2022 design fabrics.

The best Made to measure Curtains and Blinds in Edenvale. 

Over 20 Years in the Business.

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Custom Curtains Edenvale

Custom Blinds Edenvale

Featured Made to Order CURTAINS In Edenvale

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#1 Pinch Pleat Curtains

Pinch Pleat Curtains

Pinch Pleat Curtains hangs beautifully and you wont go wrong with them. They are simply elegant and they add a decorative style to your rooms.

They strike the perfect balance between classical and practical and for this reason, they are perfect for ANY room.

With a wide range for you to choose from, you’re sure to find something for any interior.

Best for:

Living Rooms

Custom curtains Edenvale

The classical option for custom curtains in Edenvale.

Featured BLINDS – Custom Blinds in Edenvale

Wooden Binds

All You Need to Know – Wooden Blinds 

wooden blinds

Effortlessly bring the warmth of the outdoors straight to your home with gorgeous looking Wooden Blinds.

With a wide variety of samples to select from, there will definitely be something to match your furniture. 

Manufactured from high quality wood, wooden blinds are formed in horizontal slates.

The Wooden blinds are hung between cords that hold each slate the same distance apart and this permits you to tilt the blinds a full 180 degrees.

Since they are so practical and easy to clean, wooden blinds along with aluminum blinds, are a common choice.

Wooden blinds will add immense architecture, privacy and style to any of your windows.

Easily control the exact amount of light you wish to enter as well.

If you have current wooden décor, then wooden blinds will complement them just perfectly!

As with all other blinds, you have complete control of your privacy as you control the amount of view you wish to enter.

Some Samples:

wooden blinds benoni

At Sensational Interiors, we make things super convenient for by coming to you!

Need some help deciding? Not a problem as our team of design experts will be more than happy to guide your decision. 

How to care for your Wooden Blinds?

If you are about to Clean your Wooden Blinds, opt for a damp cloth and make sure its not too wet as water can cause the wood to alter its rich colour.

Making use of a vacuum brush to remove excess dust is also an option. For stain-finished wood blinds, you can use lemon oil or wood preservative.

Main Benefits of Wooden Blinds

  • Brilliant light control
  • Great Privacy control.
  • Natural Wooden enhances the look and feel of your living space.
  • Overall a great and practical solution for your custom made blinds.

Best Suited for your:

  • Living Rooms. 
  • Bathrooms.

Overall, a great option for any Custom blinds in Edenvale. 

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