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Custom Wave Curtains in Boksburg (Entire East Rand)

Wave Curtains for sale in Boksburg and Benoni

A trendy option at this moment in time is custom Wave Curtains.

Wave curtains does and excellent job of finishing off ANY room as they are simple, modern, and elegant.

The “wave” like look (in wave curtains) in the pleat sits so impeccable when bunched up or when opened, you’ll love this from day one!

One option you simply cannot go wrong with.

Give us a Call for your Free Quote and installation for your Wave Curtains in Boksburg (East Rand).

We have an exclusive selection of stunning custom wave curtains available that will make you living room ultra modern and sleek. 

The impressive Silk House and River Fabric wave curtains with the 105mm flat pelmets will looks stunning in your home.

Wave Curtain Samples – Much more in store

wave curtains Boksburg

Why you will Love Wave Curtains

(Exclusive and Custom Wave Curtains for Sale in Boksburg)

Casual Option

While not the most formal of options out there, wave curtains creates a relaxed and informal feel in your home.

Custom Wave Curtains will look great and stylish for any room.

Add an extra layer of Curtain lining to these stunning curtains to save up on your energy bills in winter as well. 

Saves Space

As the wave curtain track is slim, wave curtains are best for larger windows or where there is limited space above the window to fit a pole. Unlike traditional curtains that has rings or grommets, wave curtains use a special track system and makes the fabric to glide smoothly and effortlessly.

Modern and elegant

Wave curtains have no gathering, bunching or pleats across the top, just a single curve, falling in fluid folds directly below the track or pole. The unique wave pattern of these curtains creates a modern, streamlined look that works well with a variety of décor styles. They are available in a range of fabrics, from sheer to opaque, and can be customized to fit any window size.

Wave Curtains Track

Wave curtains track, which can also be called a wave track or wave header, is a type of curtain track that creates a soft, uniform wave-like fold in curtains.

The wave like effect is done through the use of special gliders or carriers that are attached to the track and hold the curtains in a certain way.

Wave curtains tracks come in a variety of materials, such as aluminum, plastic, or steel. Giving your home a modern look and feel, they are minimalistic stunning, making your curtains to be the main focus. Wave curtains tracks are typically ceiling-mounted and can be straight or curved to fit the shape of the window.

 If you’re are looking for that minimalist or modern contemporary look, Wave track curtains are an excellent choice.

Since they are also practical in design, they can be paired with sheers as well as other heavier types of curtain fabrics.

To conclude, the uniformity of the wave effect allows for easier opening and closing of the curtains compared to traditional pleated curtains.

At Sensational Interiors, your go to for Custom Curtains and Blinds in the East Rand, we will come to you with a Free Quote and Design Consult.

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