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Roller Blinds

 Roller Blinds Supplier serving the entire East Rand Area

Types of fabric Roller Blinds for sale Boksburg / East Rand

Match your aesthetics with a range of attractive roller blinds in Boksburg and Benoni.

Stylish, sleek and super convenient, roller blinds comes in 3 main types:

Blockouts, Linen and Printed Rollers. 

Motorized Blinds now available as well.

Blockouts are excellent as they block out 100% of the suns rays. These are excellent if you work late nights or have children and would like to sleep in. 

The blockout roller blinds are fitted with a high quality blackout lining, meaning all of the outside light is blocked out. This is great as your room is also kept warm in winter, saving you on your energy bills. 

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Why you’ll Love Custom made Roller Blinds? 

Modern and aesthetic transformation

Enhance the look and feel of your home in the East Rand and Boksburg instantly with custom made Roller Blinds.

With an array of options to choose from such as patterned, textured and various colours, there is something to suit every room. A great choice for apartment blinds as well.

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Privacy and Energy Efficient

Roller Blinds allows you to control the lighting and temperatures in your home.

With this window blinds, your air conditioner will get a much needed break. As a result, you’ll see that your energy bills start to drop.

In addition, they are flexible in that they can be used in your bedroom, living room as well as certain parts in your kitchen. 

At Sensational Interiors, we will come to your home in Boksburg to professionally install all your Blinds in no time! 

Sun block and easy to maintain

With custom made Roller Blinds, you’ll have the option to easily block out 100% the suns rays.. 

Perfect for those days you want to sleep in. 

If you worried about maintenance, you’ll be glad to know that Roller blinds are also easy to clean.

A damp cloth is usually all that required in order to make them look brand new. 

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Much more in store for you to choose from

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How to Choose the best Roller blinds for your windows?

Plain or Printed Patterns?

One of the first things you’ll need to choose from is to opt for a plain (flat) roller blind or a more bold (patterned fabric).

There are tons of patterns to choose from the trick here is to decide if you want your blinds to blend in or stand out more? Have a look around and this will help you make a decision. Is your current décor already full of colour and patterns? If so, a more neutral or plain colour will be best. If your décor is more on the conservative side, than opting for a more bold or colourful approach can work very well.

The above is just a recommendation. Feel free to select one that you feel is the best for your room.

Single or Double Layered

roller blinds boksburg

Depending on your unique needs, your roller blinds can come in a dual function and this us why you will love it. 

For a window treatment, you can have a single or double layered roller blinds. 

As the name suggests, a single roller blind has only ONE layer and serves just one function.

If you want your roller blinds to serve TWO functions, than a double layered roller blinds are your best option. 

For instance, if you would like to block the UV light, the first layer (Sheer layer) can help achieve this. This also gives you partial view of the outside but can still block out the UV rays.

The second layer can be brought down if you would like to sleep in and you require more darkness.

If you would like to take your smart home to the next level, check out our range of Motorized Blinds

Give us a call for expert advice as well as to determine the best blockout Roller Blinds for your Window.

We have been installing roller blinds in Boksburg, Benoni and the East rand for the last 20 years and can give you expert advice on your best buy.

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How much do Roller blinds cost?

If you on a budget and are seeking a creative solution to excellent light control and privacy, a modern look as well as durability, you’ll be happy to know that roller blinds are a cost effect option for the above as well as much more. 

Roller blinds can also be an excellent solution if your room is in need of a modern and sleek aesthetic solution. They take up very little space and provides you with a minimalistic and instant transformation.

The Dual Roller we also spoke about can cost more as well. 

Sensational Interiors – Your Blinds shop in the East Rand.

We stock the best in Roller Blinds in Boksburg, Benoni and the entire East Rand.

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