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The best Curtain lining options for your Home in South Africa

By Ash Carrim

Updated August 2023

What are Curtain Linings?

In a nutshell, curtain linings can be seen as that added layer of fabric that is attached to the rear of your curtains. They offer many advantages such as protecting you curtains from excessive wear as well as keeping cold air from entering your living space. 

With the constant load shedding situation in South Africa, many home owners are looking for alternate ways to keep warm as we go into winter.

While using gas heaters, comfy blankets and dressing warm does definitely help keep the cold at bay, did you know that opting for specific curtain linings (Insulated And Thermal lining) can also help keep your living space warm? 

In this post, we’ll dive into the 3 the best types of curtain lining options that will not only save up on your electricity bill and keep you warm, but also add a touch of elegance to your living space. 

1. 100% Blackout curtain lining

full blockout Curtains boksburg

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Lets start with full curtain blockout linings.

If you’re in the market for the best winter curtains or insulated curtain linings, than a set of 100% lined blockout curtains are your best option for several reasons.

They are designed such that they provide excellent insulation; meaning they do an excellent job at keeping the cold air out and keeping heat in your living space.

In addition, they also block 100% of the light giving you total privacy when closed – perfect for those days to sleep in.  

Known also as insulated curtains, these curtains have an extra interlined layer to give you that extra layer of warmth. Sewn between the front fabric and the lining.

To add to your aesthetics, the lining of these curtains comes in a variety of colours and patterns. Perfect to match your inner décor. 

Self lining fabric curtains

These comes in one colour only and the lining is attached to the curtain. These also provide 100% blockout.

2. 70% Blackout curtain lining

The second type of curtain lining you may opt for are 70% blockout curtains. 

These curtains lining can also work well year round and are designed to block around 70% of the suns rays from outside; but at the same time, allowing some light to enter your room. 

As for the blocking out the cold from outside, they may not be as efficient as the 100% option but they certainly will give your heating system some rest and provide you with a decent amount of warmth.

They also will provide you with a decent level of privacy by reducing glare but they wont completely darken your room. 

Both 100% and 70% blockout / curtain linings are fully washable at temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius. 

3. Polycotton linings 


Cotton-lined curtains (280cm cotton lining) are curtains that have a layer of cotton fabric attached to the backside of the outer curtain fabric. Colours are in white and cream only. They are a lightweight fabric lining option for your curtains.

This lining serves several purposes and can enhance the functionality and appearance of your

 curtains. Here are some benefits of cotton-lined curtains.

  • They protect your curtains from the sun to prevent damage.
  • Since it adds a weight factor, your curtains will hang more elegantly.
  • They do a decent job at blocking out noise as well, although not at good at the 100% and 70% options.
  • Theses are the best priced curtain lining option available.

Conclusion | Tips to choosing the best fabric for curtain lining 

Functionality – If you seek total privacy and a total room darkening option, 100% blockout curtain linings are your go to option. 

Fabric for lining curtains: Your design consultant should assist you with this, but as a general rule, choosing more dense or thicker fabric will be much more effective at keeping cold air out and is an overall better energy saving option. 

Blackout effectiveness: Another areas your design consultant should help you with. Make sure that your curtain linings are labeled as “blackout” or “100% blockout”. This will ensure they effectively block the suns light from outside. 

Décor – If you have the option, opt for linings that matches your décor as best as you can. The main purpose of linings are for functionality at the end of the day. 

Price: Depending on your budget, opting for 100% blockouts and the 70% blockout (options 1 and 2 ) can be more expensive although in the long run, they can benefit by helping you save on your energy bills. Polycotton (option 3) lining are the most affordable but may not be as effective as keeping the cold air out.

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